Objectives for 2013

The objectives for the DC Peace Team during 2013 are to:

A. Deepen relationships between peace team participants and core partners—National Homecomers Academy, Little Friends for Peace, along with representatives from Georgetown and American Universities, and other community members.

B. To focus on a neighborhood for a comprehensive engagement

C. To build capacity through trainings for each other and emerging leaders in our communities.

D. To provide unarmed civilian peacekeeping through monitoring, proactive presence, and accompaniment in our communities.

E. To build our network of partners and identify community needs through outreach to similarly oriented organizations and persons.

F. Develop assessment data by collecting documentation of our trainings, neighborhood engagement, accompaniment, monitoring, and proactive presence practices.

G. To cultivate the sustainability of the organization.

To learn about how we are completing these objectives, read more about our work.